Türklük Bilimi Araştırmaları

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TÜBAR is refereed journal and publishes original manuscripts biannually: Spring and Fall. 


A.  PURPOSE: TÜBAR publishes the scientific articles related with the Turkology Studies including culture, language, literature, political history, science and art history, sociology and philosophy.


B.  CONTENT: In articles to be published in TÜBAR, certain contributions such as establishing original arguments, adding new knowledge or approaches to literature, re-approaching previously written publications, and reviewing already published books and articles are required. 


1.  TUBAR publishes original manuscripts in Turkish, English and other European languages.  Articles should not be submitted to or accepted to be published by any other journal or media. 

2. Those articles presented in scientific meeting may be published as long as this is acknowledged by end note.

3. Submitted articles are examined by the Editorial Board in terms of publication rules, purpose and content of the journal. If approved, then articles are sent to three referees experted in related subject according to Advisory Board suggestions.  The articles approved by at least two referees are approved to be published according to order in which articles have been received. Name of the referees is kept anonyms. Referees’ reports about the articles are to be kept for five years.  Authors reconsider their articles according to reports from referees, and editorial board’s advises.  However, they have all rights to develop opposing arguments as providing the plausible reasoning. In that case, Editorial Board may send the article to another referee. 

4.  Editorial Board keeps all rights to make changes in format.  After the referees’ opinions are taken, the author will be informed about the decision unless it is required otherwise.

5.   “Publication Review and Evaluation” is not sent to referees but Editorial Board. However, they are expected to be in line with the publication rules.   

6.   Those articles found irrelevant to be published in TUBAR might be returned to its author if it is required in written format with original signature. While the TUBAR will consider all manuscripts received, the Editorial Board takes no responsibility for their publication or return.




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