Türklük Bilimi Araştırmaları

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Anasayfa Manuscript Submission
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TÜBAR is refereed journal and publishes original manuscripts biannually: Spring and Fall. 



1.     Title: Title should reflect the content, be in bold with uppercase and be 12 pt.

2.     Author Name and Address: After the title, Full name and surname following the academic title should be aligned to the right in uppercase (11 pt.).  Author’s institution, e-mail address should be given in footnote with 9 pt.

3. Abstract: Abstract should be not less than 100 but not more than 200 words and must be introduced the article briefly followed by the keywords, not more than 8.  The Turkish abstract and keywords should be followed by English version. 

4.      Main text:

a. The paper size should be A4 and articles must be written with Times New Roman (11pt), in single space and be saved in MS Word 2003 format.  The space between two paragraphs should be 6pt.  If any transcription is used, the fonts should be attached with the article. 

b. There is no restriction in terms of the paging.  However, approximately 5000 words should be enough to give main idea within the article. 

c. Introduction and Conclusion is left to author’s preferences. In order to establish a systematic to the body of article, Main, middle and sub-titles are suggested to be used. All titles should be in bold. Main title should be in upper case with bold, middle titles’ first letter should be in uppercase and sub-titles should be in lowercase followed by semi-colon and the main text.

d. The margins should be 3 cm and pages should be numbered. 

e. Those parts to be emphasized should be written in italics, quotations should be in italics in quotation marks. Writing in bold should be avoided unless necessary.

   f. Materials such as charts, columns, photographs should be prepared in accordance with the scientific rules, should be coherent and absolute and should have adequate explanation. Charts should be revisable. Dimensions should not exceed the page margin of the journal (width 11,5 cm; height 16 cm).



Rules of TDK Spelling Book should be abided so long as otherwise required. In terms of language and statement there should not be any element contradicting scientific rules.



1.     Footnotes are only used for necessary explanations; other references are stated within the text. When citing resources the order should be as; author’s surname (if the work was published before the Law on Family Names his name), publication date of the work, colon (:) and page number.

            2. Multiple citations should be separated with semicolon (;).

3. When referring to works with two writers, dash (-) should be used between the names of the writers, for the works with more than two writers; after the name of the second writer (et al.) abbreviation should be used.

4.     If the work to be cited is a manuscript; (au.) abbreviaton should be used after the name of the editor or the interpreter, if necessary leaf number should be stated following colon (:), full record of the book should be indicated in bibliography.

5.     Archive documents should be indicated when citing resources; abbreviating the record within the text such as; (BOA Mühimme 15: 25), and the full form should be stated in bibliography.

6.     Organizing Bibliography:

a. Should be ordered according to the surnames of the writers (according to name if the writers have no surname).

b. When citing more than one work of a writer, the order should be from the one published earlier to the later. Resources published in the same year should be specified as “1949/1:, 1949/2:”.

c. When stating the record of the resource the order should be as follows:

For books: Writer’s surname, name, the date (in brackets), name of the book (in italics) and the name of the interpreter (if applicable), the publisher  or the publishing company, place of publication.

For Articles and Declarations: Writer’s surname, name, the date (in brackets), article (in quotation marks), name of the periodical (in italics), issue (i), pages (p). The same method as in periodicals is adopted in other cases. For unpublished declarations, presentation date of declaration, the company that held the meeting, the dates and the venue of the meeting should be denoted.



1.     The papers prepared in accordance with the rules specified above, should be sent to the contact addresses in 4 copies (one copy indicating the name of the writer, three copies anonymously), in a large envelope, adding their e-mail address, title, name and surname and name of the employing firm.

2. If the referee(s) demanded for a revision, the paper should be send again via e-mail or floppy disc along with a hard copy of the paper.

            3. The writers are legally liable for their papers.

            4. Mail Address:

Lect. Ramis KARABULUT Niğde University, Faculty of Science and Letters. TDE Böl.NİĞDE

Phone Number: 0090388 225 2424 – 0090388 225 2417

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